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$$$ SaveThousands $$$

                                                        Hey thanks for checking my page.  If you have landed on this page you 

                                                       have probably received a flyer or clicked in from the internet and you are 

                                                       interested in saving thousands of hard earned dollars when listing your house

                                                       for sale.  I am a local real estate broker with years of experience selling homes,

                                                       and I realize the importance of saving thousands of dollars on your real estate

                                                       transaction.  How can I do it and what do you sacrifice over other listing firms?

                                                       Well the short answer is nothing.  Thats right, nothing.  You see, as the 

                                                       Broker/Owner of Cravens Realty Group, I do not have to split my commission

                                                       with a broker, as you will be dealing with the broker directly.  Hence, I can pass

                                                       those savings on to you.

                                                        As you can see by the photo I offer a proffesional sign in your yard, not some 

                                                       piece of junk that you would be embarrased to have in your yard and I am sure

                                                       you have seen the junk I am speaking of as you drive around.  I also offer an 

                                                       extensive marketing package which includes a numerous amount of photos

                                                       and I will build a website just for your home.  As you can see by my sign I also

                                                       market your listing across all the social media networks and provide full color

                                                       flyers as well.

















  Want to learn more about how I can save you Thousands of Dollars?  Simply fill out the form below and I will contact you shortly.  If you would like to recieve a no obligation Comparative Market Anaysis on your property make sure to fill in your address. If you prefer you can hit the link to enter our website and hit the "Home Valuation" button and enter your address for a quickie estimate of your homes value.

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